2021: The Year’s Reading in Review

Herein I present to you the list of books that I read in Book Year 2021, which starts the week after Christmas and runs to the week after Christmas (so this is technically Book Year 2022, wherein the Executioner novel I’ve been nibbling at a chapter a night will likely be the first entry). So, […]

Recklessly, I Picked Up….

So, I finished reading Supercarrier, and I then picked up Supership. When I bought it in 2007, I thought it was a novel set on a supertanker, but I have since learned it is actually a nonfiction account, sort of like Supercarrier on a tanker. I started reading this, and the cargo ship got stuck […]

Literary World -2

Beverly Cleary, author of children’s book ‘Henry Huggins,’ dead at 104 Larry McMurtry, Novelist And Screenwriter Of The West, Has Died At Age 84 I can’t help but notice that the former article is in the New York Post and features a picture of Beverly Cleary with George W. Bush and the latter article is […]