The Dying Time Continues

I predicted last November that I was entering a dying time much like my family experienced in the late 1980s, where a number of family members (my grandfather, my grandmother, my step-grandfather, my step great grandmother, my cousin, and assorted great aunts) died in a short period of time. My aunt and stepmother had cancer, […]

The Dying Time, Redux

I predicted even before the macarenavirus troubles began that a dying time was coming. As you know, gentle reader, my aunt and godmother died on Thanksgiving. Her illness and the age of the previous generation led me to my unhappy musings. Yesterday, the best man at my wedding died of a drug overdose. I had […]

A Dying Time

When I was in late middle school and high school, which is to say the time when I lived in the trailer park and down the gravel road in the valley, a lot of family members died. I lost my grandfather, my grandmother, my cousin, a number of great aunts, my great-grandmother by marriage, and […]

Brian J. Pulls The Loud Handle

Gentle reader, I am in the process of leaving my full-time job and returning to the world of contracting, or maybe later another full-time job, but it certainly means an interesting time coming up. I have left with but the offer of a part-time contract with one of my favorite clients from the past and […]

The New Shows of 1984 Quiz

I just can’t quit turning a viewing of the New Shows Of…. video compilations that Ace links to into personal reminiscences and quizzes. Yesterday, he linked to the new shows of 1984. How many do I remember/did I watch? As always, I’ve bolded the ones I remember and added a link to references to the […]

Tigers At Sunset

Now that my oldest child is in high school, which officially makes me as old as my peers (well, not quite–some of my peers are grandparents, but old enough anyway), we have found ourselves at small town high school football games on Friday nights.

On George of the Jungle

On Friday night, the oldest boy stayed at a friend’s house, so the younger, my movie-watching buddy, and I watched a film. He’s always more patient with films; the older boy fidgets, wanders in and out of the room, and offers his commentary track atop what’s happening–but often needing to ask what’s going on because […]