Brian J.: Amazon Prophet

In my post earlier this year about Amazon Prime trying to go all-digital instead of being free shipping, I said: But undoubtedly Amazon will offer ship-to-store for free someday, just like every other retailer does now (and did in 1990). How ridiculous you might have thought it sounded. Amazon does not have physical stores! But […]

What I Want To Watch, When I Want To Watch It

As you might know or guess, gentle reader, I am a skeptic of online streaming services and buying “digital” copies of movies, books, or music (exception!) because I’ve had enough electronic devices crash that I don’t trust electronic media, because I’ve seen enough tech companies fail to consider that they might not be there to […]

The Benefit To You Is It Costs You Money

Amazon has a new benefit for its Prime members: Shipping costs. With new Prime Pantry, people who receive free shipping with their Prime membership now get the chance to pay $6 shipping on a box of household staples. A real reporter asked Amazon about it, and the Amazon spokesperson was a bit coy: So I […]