St. Louis Post-Dispatch Writer Displays Ignorance Of Gun Owners, Gun Culture

And who would have guessed it from the accusatory headline, What’s an Olivette man doing running pro-gun website?:

Sitting inside a Starbucks, sipping black coffee, joking with the baristas, Dan Zimmerman doesn’t look like a gun guy.

He looks like a guy who might work in accounts receivable, which is what this Olivette resident did for years. He is 53, balding, wearing tortoise shell glasses, carrying a little extra weight and dressed in the beige tones of business casual. He smiles easily. He is working on a laptop at a back table.

He also might be packing heat. Could be his .38 snubby. Maybe his Kahr 9 mm. He won’t say.

“I really don’t talk about that,” he says.

No word on whether the journalist asked to see it or hold it.

No word on what the journalist thinks a gun guy looks like, but I suspect its informed by the film version of Winter’s Bone.

2 Responses to “St. Louis Post-Dispatch Writer Displays Ignorance Of Gun Owners, Gun Culture”

  1. John Farrier Says:

    Yeah, “doesn’t look like a gun guy”–I’d like to know what the reporter think a gun guy does look like.

  2. Brian Says:

    Not like his friends or co-workers, natch. Facial hair is probably required, and definitely more than the carefully groomed eighth inch of stubble.