My Bubble Sense Is Tingling

What’s a good sign that a bubble is inflating? The experts don’t see a bubble inflating: Even as homeowners and commercial landlords count their losses from the great real-estate bust, Midwestern farmers are experiencing the biggest property boom in a generation. The rapid run-up in land values is bound to make some people nervous, especially […]

I’ve Stood On That Corner Many Times

Arizona man charged in hit-and-run crash in Webster Groves: Kathleen Kinderfather of Webster Groves was struck about 7:15 p.m. Thursday at Big Bend Boulevard and Elm Street by a 2011 Nissan Altima, police say. … Lt. Andy Miller of the Webster Groves Police Department said Kinderfather was standing on a triangular traffic island in the […]

Juxtaposition, University Edition

Yesterday’s Springfield News-Leader ran the following two stories on page 1, probably thinking they’re unrelated. In the first, the governor fights against the legislature’s spending priorities, which place university funding against state payments for the care of under 3,000 citizens who are blind: Gov. Jay Nixon and disability advocates are criticizing a House committee’s recommendation […]

My Vocabulary, She Expands

Ah, the words one learns. In creating the post below, I looked up the spelling of the word algorithm to make sure I was spelling it right (I was), and I encountered the word algorism which does not have to do with the environment or making millions on carbon credit schemes while opposing strange financial […]

Omitted Information

Christian County, Missouri, bills itself as the fastest growing county in the state. And with that growth comes growing pains: Christian County voters will consider a pair of ballot proposals that will control the flow of money at the courthouse and sheriff’s office. County officials link a population boom to a need for more revenue […]

More Waste of Books

James R. links to more art made out of books. He has a sample picture and a link, but I could not bear to click through to see the other “works.” I guess it’s far easier for a younger, less literate generation to see books not as creations in their own right or ends in […]

A Lesson Partially Learned

The editor of writes for Slate about her experiences working at a bar with a college degree and some degree of literacy. She says, self-consciously: I was a terrific little snob who thought she knew everything, and subsequently, I was about to learn a great deal. … It quickly became clear that I was […]

I Feel Impugned

Tam K. on certain reading tastes: One thing I liked about Black Site and One Rough Man was the lack of gear queer stuff that is so endemic on the seedier end of Action Porn. (Which are just Harlequin romances for men. Seriously, the “Gold Eagle” imprint that does Mack Bolan and all those is […]

Best UK Restaurant Is In Springfield

The Telegraph, a British newspaper, named Farmers Gastropub Best Restaurant in its annual list of British expat locations worldwide. Described by its nominator as “a little piece of Britain in the heart of America”, this welcoming gastropub was highly commended in our last competition and this year managed to scoop the prize for top restaurant. […]

Post-Dispatch Asks: Should Slavery Be Legal?

That’s not how they phrase it, of course. They say Should government order companies to make certain drugs? That is, does the government have the moral right to compel labor? Because making certain drugs is making things more abstractly. Rregardless of whether it’s a particularly politically expedient opponent (Pharmaceutical Companies, according to the AP Stylebook, […]