Unforeseen Consequence, Still Unseen

A couple days ago, Instapundit linked to this story blaming an increase in off-premises alcohol purchases on the recession: And there’s another, perhaps somewhat unsettling, trend pushing up Beam’s bottom line: In the wake of the Great Recession, Americans are increasingly drinking at home. According to Commerce Department data compiled by Bloomberg, U.S. spending on […]

I Question The Timing

So as I’m driving into town, I notice today that the price of automobile fuel is slowly creeping downward, as it has for a couple of weeks now. A gallon of unleaded (a strange appellation since you can’t buy “regular” gas with lead in it any more, and now the “irregular” gas is loaded with […]

I Feel Dirty

For years, I’ve been sending back unsolicited credit card offers in their own post-paid envelopes to raise the cost of acquisition marginally in hopes these identity theft templates would stop coming, and because I’m petty and juvenile. Now, I see it’s Occupy-Approved Protest: Well, I guess I’ll start shredding them. Ah, the naivete of the […]

Book Report: Whiplash: America’s Most Frivolous Lawsuits by James Percelay (2000)

This is a short book that collects some outrageous lawsuits and notes their results. They’re grouped by topic, and each features a clever picture of an actor portraying a shady lawyer. Each explanation of the lawsuit is a couple paragraphs. It’s like someone made a book of distilled “That’s Outrageous!” columns from Reader’s Digest and […]

Remember TJIC?

You remember in January, a blogger in Massachusetts posted a piece about an armed insurrection, and the Massachusetts police visited him and took away his guns and essentially knocked him off the Internet? I do. I thought of that this morning in contrast to the mobs camped out in various cities, relatively untouched by the […]

Good Book Hunting: October 20, 2011

Yesterday, we hit the Friends of the Springfield-Greene County Library’s semiannual book sale. On a full price day, but we were without children. Since it was not half price day or bag day, I found myself restraining myself and putting down books that I would have picked up in other circumstances. Which is good, because […]